More than a Rabbi

It’s so important to celebrate the good times and to have someone alongside you during the challenging times.

When my wife-to-be and I were searching for a modern Orthodox Rabbi who was relatable and easy to approach, we knew immediately upon meeting Yossi that he was the right choice to marry us. From the start, he made us feel comfortable and stayed in touch with us leading up to the wedding, answering any questions we had along the way and providing stimulating pre-marriage sessions. He ensured that we were well-informed about the wedding proceedings and made us feel relaxed and at ease during the ceremony itself. 

Since then, Yossi has been a part of our family’s happy celebrations including a circumcision, first-born son redemption (Pidyon Haben), and most recently, a baby girl naming. He was also there when my mother passed away and was always available to offer support and comfort.  Regardless of the occasion, he was always approachable and made time to speak with me to support and prepare me.

Highly regarded in the community.

Yossi connects with both young and old and is well-liked and highly regarded in the community. Beyond life events, he offers advice and support, and is an excellent educator and will go the extra mile. If you’re seeking a Rabbi for an occasion, advice or assistance, I highly recommend Rabbi Yossi and I plan to continue using him for my future events and celebrations.

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