anniversary surprise

anniversary surprise

Renewing Love, Commitment
& Tradition

Isn’t it nice to be considered and remembered by others on a special day in one’s life?

We are offering a rabbi to participate in the celebration of a couple’s wedding anniversary!

The goal of the anniversary surprise is to provide a meaningful and spiritual way for the couple to celebrate their love and commitment to each other, and to acknowledge the blessings and challenges of their life together. The rabbi may also offer blessings, advice and guidance on maintaining a strong and loving relationship, based on Jewish teachings and traditions. This occasion may also present an opportunity for family and friends to come together and celebrate the couple’s love and support of one another.

We present two options:

Call and Bless ($18)

Rabbi Yossi will call a special person on their anniversary to deliver a special blessing and anniversary wish.

Special Visit ($500)

Rabbi Yossi will visit the anniversary couple on their special day to provide personal words of blessing, share a L’chaim and special gift.

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What Our Clients Say

His passion for teaching and open, approachable nature meant that we were able to ask all the questions we needed throughout.
Nicole Loewensohn and Justin Becker
He is skilled in having the religious knowledge and empathy to bring the best jewish understanding to any situation.
Michael Kohn