Dinner with rabbi

Nourishing both
Body & Soul


How many people have questions regarding their faith and have never had the chance to discuss and argue these out with someone of spiritual authority?

Do you have kids or teenagers who might value the opportunity to sit around a table with a rabbi to discuss current day issues and challenges?

In this experience the rabbi will to come to your home and enjoy a dinner with your family to discuss Judaism, the football… or whatever really! The dinner with a rabbi is an opportunity to bring people together, to share food, and to deepen their understanding of Jewish culture and traditions. The atmosphere is informal, and the focus is on building relationships and creating a space for connection and conversation.

Kosher dinner to be arranged and we can assist with this!


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What Our Clients Say

Rabbi Friedman is both youthful and wise, personable and helpful. He is skilled in having the religious knowledge and empathy to bring the best Jewish understanding to any situation.
Michael Kohn
Sitting and listening to you bring it all together, was akin to watching a feel-good movie, filled with emotion, laughter and sensitivity.
Deb Zinman