Intimate & Joyous

Speak with us and let’s bring your vision to life!

Milestone Ceremony


Your wedding day is the most joyous, magical and meaningful day of your life and the journey towards marriage lays the foundation…

Bar Mitzvah

Receive guidance, support and a personalised Bar-Mitzvah experience as your son transitions to adulthood and responsibility...

Bat Mitzvah

Receive guidance, support and a personalised Bat-Mitzvah experience as your daughter transitions to adulthood and responsibility...


Give your loved one the gift of a most respectful and dignified ceremony and receive guidance, care and support from beginning to end..


Give your newborn child her Jewish name in a personalised ceremony or arrange a Brit Milah (circumcision) for your baby son with guidance, support and care...

Unique Experiences

House Warming

Dedicate and draw spiritual energy into your new home as we affix a Mezuzah and invoke blessings of joy, health and prosperity upon you and those closest to you...

Yahrzeit Ceremony

Bring a meaningful memorial ceremony into your home on the anniversary of your loved one's passing with relevant blessings, lighting of candles, and other meaningful elements...

Dinner with a Rabbi

Invite family and friends to participate in a private meal "up and close" with a rabbi for stimulating discussion on any topic of your choosing...

Birthday Surprise

Receive or gift a birthday surprise in which a rabbi will reach out with a special birthday blessing and wish or request an in-person visit..

Anniversary Surprise

Receive or gift an anniversary surprise in which a rabbi will reach out with a personal anniversary message and wish or request an in-person visit...

“Pop-up” Shabbat Service

Host an intimate and personalised Shabbat service in a non-traditional setting such as your home, a park, community centre or other venue as a more casual, intimate and accessible way to experience Shabbat..

Guidance & Inspiration

Spiritual Advice

Would you like a different perspective on life, advice on a particular emotional, psychological or spiritual challenge or just a shoulder to lean on?...

Speaking Engagement

Are you looking for an inspirational speaker to educate, intrigue or entertain your particular audience on a topic related to Jewish culture, current events or personal growth?...

Private Group Class

Invite a rabbi to facilitate a private group class for your family or a group of friends for a discussion on spirituality, meaning of life, current events, or any topic of your choosing..