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Honour & Respect
A Life Well-lived

Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult experiences of life. Such a time requires deep sensitivity, empathy and the ability to grieve. Rabbi Yossi has assisted hundreds of families through their most difficult moments by providing support and spiritual guidance to the family as well as a respectful and meaningful ceremony to honour the deceased. Please discuss with us how we can support you.

End-of-Life Offerings


End-of-Life Package
  • This includes the following features:
  • Initial care, support and spiritual guidance for family members
  • Liaison with family and Chevra Kaddisha regarding funeral and burial arrangements.
  • Conducting sensitive and meaningful funeral and burial services.
  • Conducting 1 Shiva Minyan at family home.


End-of-Life Package
  • This includes all the features of the Farewell package as well as:
  • Home/hospital visit and recitation of special end-of-life prayers prior to passing
  • Intimate Yahrzeit ceremony at family home on first year anniversary of passing
  • Preparing for and conducting Consecration service

Immediate support

Immediate support

Rabbi Yossi will assist in liaising with Chevra Kadisha (Jewish burial society) to arrange immediate care for the deceased, funeral and burial details, and to clarify Jewish laws and customs with the family in the most sensitive fashion. 

If the family haven’t purchased a burial plot, the Chevra completes this at this stage and we can be called upon to advise here as well. 

Funeral +

Funeral + Burial

The funeral and burial ceremonies are designed to provide comfort, meaning and support to the mourners, and honour the memory of the deceased. During these ceremonies, the rabbi leads the services, which typically includes prayers and readings from the Jewish holy texts, and reciting a eulogy, relating all aspects to the departed and lessons for the living. 

The funeral ceremony normally takes place inside a chapel (such as in the Chevra or cemetery) or by the graveside and the burial ceremony takes place at the cemetery grounds. 

The service also includes the traditional Jewish mourning rituals such as the tearing of a garment such as a shirt or scarf. After the funeral and burial ceremonies conclude, the Jewish period of “shiva” begins, where the immediate family sit for seven days to mourn and reflect on the life of their loved one. During these days and for 11 months to follow, the kaddish prayer is said in memory of the deceased. The rabbi offers guidance and comfort to the mourners and helps to provide a sense of closure and peace during this difficult time. 


Shiva Minyan

Typically following a burial, a Shiva minyan takes place to honour the departed. This minyan is an opportunity for the family to share memories of their loved one amongst their family and friends. Rabbi Yossi delivers a sensitive and meaningful minyan at home of the family following the funeral to guide the family towards consolation. (Please note: Additional Shiva minyan services can be arranged separately at the family’s wish)

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Once the tombstone has been set, a dedication or ‘consecration’ ceremony is arranged and delivered with utmost care and sensitivity. Rabbi Yossi will assist family in preparing for and delivering this service. A number of scriptural passages and prayers are recited concluding with the kaddish. The family also have an opportunity to share some words about their loved one.

What Our Clients Say

Coming away from the funeral of a parent feeling that they have been well honoured is very special. sitting and listening to Rabbi Yossi was akin to watching a feel-good movie, filled with emotion, laughter and sensitivity. Rabbi Yossi, you are man of true meaning, and we thank you.
Deborah Zinman & Trevor Resnick
My family met Rabbi Yossi when my father was gravely ill. He visited my father at his home and immediately established a lasting and meaningful connection with my family. Before meeting Rabbi Yossi, as a woman, I never had a personal connection with a rabbi.
Sandra Goldring