The wedding day is the most special day of a person’s life and one that is filled with deep meaning, emotion and lasting memories. On this day the souls of the bride and groom are united as one and they begin a lifelong journey together as they build their Jewish home.

Rabbi Yossi has guided hundreds of couples through their wedding journey and provides a personalised experience and a relevant and engaging ceremony for the couple, their family and guests.

The ceremony takes place under a chuppah, a traditional Jewish wedding canopy, and includes traditional Jewish rituals such as the giving of a ring, the reading of the Ketubah, the breaking of a glass, and the recitation of wedding blessings.

Rabbi Yossi seeks to nurture a hand-held, lasting and meaningful relationship with the couple, not just a transactional one. He provides personalised care and attention to each couple and makes himself available to guide the couple throughout their journey and answer any questions as they arise.

Our Wedding Packages


Wedding Package
  • The 'Bespoke' package includes:
  • Initial ”get-to-know-you” meeting
  • Couples Wedding course
  • Pre-wedding catchup
  • Jewish wedding chuppah ceremony
  • 1 Standard Ketubah (a4 size, standard text only)
  • -


Wedding Package
  • The Luxe package offers all the inclusions of the ‘bespoke’ as well as:
  • Tailor-made pre-wedding Torah Call-up ceremony (aufruf) at home or venue of choice
  • 1 bottle of Kosher white wine
  • upgraded artwork Ketubah
  • Glass to break and velvet bag
  • -


Wedding Package
  • The Ultra package offers all the inclusions of the ‘Luxe’ as well as:
  • Special “Meet the family” session with the rabbi
  • Upgraded gift of glass to break and Mezuzah kit for new home
  • Singing package: to walk down the isle and under chuppah
  • Kosher “meal” post-Chuppah (catering for 20-25ppl)

The Wedding Day

The Wedding Day

The wedding day ceremonies are comprised of a few steps:

The bedekin (veiling) takes place on the day of the wedding at some point prior to the Chuppah. This ends the short, customary 7 day period of separation in which the bride and groom identify one another, and the groom places the veil over the bride. The parents then bless the bride and groom before sending them to the Chuppah!


The Chuppah (Jewish wedding ceremony) is the traditional canopy beneath which the bride and groom stand throughout their wedding ceremony. During this ceremony the groom places a ring on his bride’s finger, gives over the Ketubah (traditional Jewish wedding document) and breaks a glass. 7 blessings over cup of wine are recited. The couple then go to spend some alone time in Yichud (seclusion).

The Yichud (seclusion) follows the Chuppah in which the bride and groom take a few moments to spend time together in a private room.

The Seudat Mitzvah (Kosher meal) is a joyous meal that is traditionally held at the function or reception. For couples not having a Kosher reception, a small Kosher meal is organised immediately following the Yichud for a few family and closest friends. At this meal those present wash their hands, eat Challah bread and recite the bentching (Grace after meals) with the 7 traditional blessings over a cup of wine (Sheva Brachot). Please let us know if we can assist with arranging this meal for you!

Signing of Civil documents – In addition to the religious aspects, Rabbi Yossi is a certified marriage celebrant and will arrange and oversee the signing and lodgment of the civil marriage in accordance with NSW legislation.

Throughout the entire process, Rabbi Yossi acts as guide and M.C. and provides a meaningful, explanatory and joyous Chuppah experience. He is also a gifted singer, and can sing alone or together with other vocalists or musicians.

Pre Wedding Course

Whilst it is so easy to get all caught up in the physical preparations for marriage, just as important, are the spiritual preparations. There is nothing more meaningful than when you arrive at a point in time and feel prepared and informed!

We therefore invite our couples to partake in an interactive four-session marriage course to enrich their learning and understanding. In this discussion-based experience we go through the various customs of the wedding day, discuss Jewish marital laws including Mikvah, ponder varying perspectives towards love and marriage, demystify popular Jewish marriage myths and meet other young couples going through the same, exciting journey.

Brides are then invited for an additional two sessions with a bridal teacher to familiarize themselves with more detailed laws surrounding Mikvah preparations.

Pre Wedding Call-up

Pre Wedding Call-up

There is a beautiful custom in which the groom is called to the Torah. This custom and ceremony initiates the beginning of a new flow of Divine energy into the lives of the couple and energy will flow into every day throughout their marriage. We offer this bespoke ceremony on a weekday or Shabbat prior to the Chuppah and will bring the service to a family home or venue.

What Our Clients Say

Rabbi Yossi officiated our wedding ceremony and guided us through the pre-marital wedding classes. He provided a warm and open environment for us to learn and prepare for our wedding and on the day helped to make it so special for us. Not to mention his wonderful voice!
David and Chloe Bloch
We have known Rabbi Yossi for over ten years, and when we decided to get married, we were so excited to have Rabbi Yossi share this special time with us and our families, as his ability to create a meaningful and personal Simcha is truly amazing.
Nicole Loewensohn and Justin Becker