Unique Experiences


House Warming

Dedicate and draw spiritual energy into your new home as we affix a Mezuzah and invoke blessings of joy, health and prosperity upon you and those closest to you…

Yahrzeit Ceremony

Bring a meaningful memorial ceremony into your home on the anniversary of your loved one’s passing with relevant blessings, lighting of candles, and other meaningful elements…

Dinner with a Rabbi

Invite family and friends to participate in a private meal “up and close” with a rabbi for stimulating discussion on any topic of your choosing…

Birthday Surprise

Receive or gift a birthday surprise in which a rabbi will reach out with a special birthday blessing and wish or request an in-person visit..

Anniversary Surprise

Receive or gift an anniversary surprise in which a rabbi will reach out with a personal anniversary message and wish or request an in-person visit…

“Pop-Up” Shabbat Service

Host an intimate and personalised Shabbat service in a non-traditional setting such as your home, a park, community centre or other venue as a more casual, intimate and accessible way to experience Shabbat..