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The purpose of a speaking engagement is to educate, inform, and inspire an audience, and to share the teachings and traditions of Judaism with a wider audience. The rabbi may speak on a wide range of topics, including Jewish history, holidays and customs, social justice, ethics, and spirituality. The rabbi may be invited to speak at a synagogue, community centre, school, corporate venue, university, or other venue, and the audience may consist of Jews and non-Jews alike.

Rabbi Yossi has over 15 years of community experience leading both small and large communities across Sydney. He also has close to 10 years experience as an Air-Force Chaplain in which he is called to lead and consult across a range of issues and functions.

He is highly trained and experienced in public speaking and inspiring audiences in finding meaning and purpose in life, connection with faith and navigating through some of life’s most challenging moments.

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What Our Clients Say

We are so grateful to have met you all and have had access to your wonderful manner as our school, community and family Rabbi and leader.
Romy Wolman
An exceptionally gifted and inspiring leader, Rabbi Yossi effortlessly makes people feel comfortable and is passionately dedicated and committed to the community bringing people of all ages together.
Susan Taylor