Bar Mitzvahs

Jewish coming
of age ceremony

The Bar Mitzvah year is full of excitement, joy and an overwhelming feeling that your child is embarking on a new phase of life. Rabbi On Demand understands that this year may be filled with attending many Bar Mitzvah functions and what better way to stand out than to personalise your experience with a unique, tailored service that fits the personality of your child, family and vision for your event.

Having led over 200 Bar-Mitzvahs, Rabbi Yossi bring a wealth of experience in guiding the specific child and family in the lead-up to and through this special time and facilitating a tailor-made, personalised and meaningful Bar Mitzvah service and ceremony. We have some unique ways of injecting Jewish spirituality into an event and would love to discuss what works for you.

Rabbi Yossi also oversees the private tutoring and will match your child with the teacher most suited to the child’s needs and liaise with the teacher regularly. It’s so important that the child feels heard and empowered throughout this process to ensure that they will only have the most meaningful experience, boost their confidence and give them only happy memories to carry with them into the future. The boy will typically spend a number of months (normally 9-12 months) preparing for this and Rabbi Yossi works closely with an experienced Bar-Mitzvah teacher to select the appropriate passages, gage the boy’s abilities, ensure the Bar-Mitzvah boy is suitably prepared and setup for the very best Bar-Mitzvah experience.

A Bar-Mitzvah ceremony can take place on a Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon, Monday, Thursday or Rosh Chodesh (Head of new Jewish month).

Bar Mitzvah Packages


Bar Mitzvah Package
  • Initial “meet and greet” session
  • Ongoing guidance as required
  • Final rehearsal and pictures together with family and Bar-Mitzvah teacher.
  • Bar-Mitzvah ceremony
  • Special gift


Bar Mitzvah Package
  • The Combo package offers all the inclusions of the ‘bespoke’ as well as:
  • One-on-One private tutoring (Included in this package are 40 lessons, roughly 9 months worth. Please note: Any further lessons can be negotiated directly with the teacher.)
  • Intimate Havdallah ceremony

Israel Ultimate

Bar Mitzvah Package
  • The Israel Ultimate package offers all the inclusions of the ‘Combo’ as well as:
  • Providing a Rabbi in Israel to run a meaningful Bar-Mitzvah ceremony
  • Provide all lessons locally to ensure that the Bar-Mitzvah boy is ready and confident for his special day.

What Our Clients Say

An exceptionally gifted and inspiring leader, Rabbi Yossi effortlessly makes people feel comfortable and is passionately dedicated and committed to the community bringing people of all ages together.
Susan Taylor
His passion for teaching and open, approachable nature meant that we were able to ask all the questions we needed throughout.
Nicole Loewensohn and Justin Becker