Bringing new
life into the world


The birth of a child is a deeply spiritual time. The naming of a child isn’t just a casual function but rather, integral to the journey of a newborn soul into the world. They say that it takes a village to raise a child. This is true and it begins right from birth. Rabbi Yossi brings a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to choosing an appropriate Jewish name and guiding the entire family – and “village” – leading up to and during the ceremony. 

The ceremony, typically held in the home of the parents or in a Synagogue, serves to formally welcome the child into the Jewish community. 

Beginning-of-Life Packages

Brit Milah

  • Providing guidance on choosing a mohel (Jewish surgeon)
  • Assistance with choosing an appropriate Jewish name
  • Conduct meaningful ceremony
  • Gift 'naming' certificate

Baby Naming

  • Guiding parents on choosing an appropriate Jewish name
  • Conducting meaningful naming ceremony
  • Gift 'naming' certificate
  • -


Hair Cutting
  • Guidance as to appropriate preparations
  • Conduct meaningful and joyous ceremony
  • Gift to young child
  • -

Brit Milah (Circumcision)

A Brit Milah (circumcision) takes place in Jewish law exactly 8 days after the birth of a baby boy. During this ceremony, a Mohel (Jewish surgeon) performs the surgery in the presence of the rabbi who acts as spiritual guide bringing explanation, meaning and spirit to the occasion. The Rabbi can also assist the family in finding the right Mohel for them as well as helping the parents come up with an appropriate Jewish name. 

A Brit Milah normally takes places at family home or venue of choice.

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Baby Naming (Girl)

Baby Naming (Girl)

A baby girl is typically given her Jewish name in intimate ceremony as soon as practical after the birth. During the naming ceremony, the Torah is read (Monday, Thursday, Rosh Chodesh, Festivals, Shabbat morning, Shabbat afternoon) and a special prayer is recited in which the newborn child receives her name. 

Rabbi Yossi acts as spiritual guide bringing explanation, meaning and spirit to the occasion. He also assists in choosing an appropriate Jewish name for the newborn baby.

(Hair Cutting)

Upsherin (Hair Cutting)

When a Jewish boy turns 3, Jewish custom is that we cut his hair for the first time in an intimate and meaningful ceremony. The age of 3 is seen as the first major developmental milestone and from here the child can begin the process of learning as they have developed an appreciation of their heritage.

During this ceremony, the Rabbi leads the young boy in reading the Shema, reciting the aleph bet, giving out Tzeddakah (charity), guiding the hair-cutting and providing meaning and depth to the moment. Rabbi Yossi brings a unique, joyous and lively spirit engaging the young child, his family and all those present.

What Our Clients Say

Rabbi Friedman is both youthful and wise, personable and helpful. He is skilled in having the religious knowledge and empathy to bring the best jewish understanding to any situation.
Michael Kohn
Sitting and listening to you bring it all together, was akin to watching a feel-good movie, filled with emotion, laughter and sensitivity. Yossi, you are a man of true meaning, and we thank you.
Trevor Resnick