House warming

Blessing every
Jewish home

Moving into a new home is an exciting time and milestone in one’s life. In Jewish tradition a Mezuzah scroll must be hung to the front door (and other doors) of the home within the first 30 days and this brings spiritual blessing and protection into the home. The housewarming ceremony is an opportunity to acknowledge and create this spiritual connection with the new home and to start life there with a sense of peace and purpose. Moving into a new home and putting up a mezuzah is a special Mitzvah and one that is not normally given the respect it deserves.

So why not initiate your home and have an exciting and meaningful ceremony to accompany?

Invite family and friends to your home and Rabbi Yossi will preside over a joyous and meaningful ceremony in which we will affix the Mezuzah and draw spiritual energy and blessing into the home!


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What Our Clients Say

An exceptionally gifted and inspiring leader, Rabbi Yossi effortlessly makes people feel comfortable and is passionately dedicated and committed to the community bringing people of all ages together.
Susan Taylor
Though he had no previous connection with my family , Rabbi Friedman listened and tuned in to our story and our needs. He guided us all with wisdom and warmth.
Michael Kohn