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Joy of Shabbat

We are trying to boost community through offering small, intimate gatherings in exciting locations to celebrate . A “pop-up” Shabbat service is an informal gathering of people who come together to celebrate Shabbat in a non-traditional setting, such as a private home, or even a park, or by the beach. It’s a more casual and accessible way to experience Shabbat, outside of the typical synagogue setting. The idea is to create an inclusive and welcoming environment where people can connect with their Jewish roots, celebrate together, and feel a sense of community.

The rabbi will lead the service through offering prayers, joyous singing, and delivering a meaningful and relevant message or moment of reflection. Shabbat services are a central aspect of Jewish life and provide an opportunity for individuals to come together as a community, celebrate the Sabbath, and connect with their faith. 

You can host a “pop-up” Shabbat service in your home to celebrate a special occasion or to empower your family to celebrate and connect with their Judaism, see form below.  

You can also find out about other services that are being hosted and join those.. stay tuned for those!


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What Our Clients Say

Though he had no previous connection with my family , Rabbi Friedman listened and tuned in to our story and our needs. He guided us all with wisdom and warmth.
Michael Kohn
An exceptionally gifted and inspiring leader, Rabbi Yossi effortlessly makes people feel comfortable and is passionately dedicated and committed to the community bringing people of all ages together.
Susan Taylor