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“Pop-up” Shabbat Service

$360.00 incl sales tax


“Pop-up” Shabbat Service from Rabbi on Demand

* Unique Experience

* Intimate and joyous Shabbat service in non-traditional setting.

Host a “pop-up” Shabbat service in your home or venue to engage your family, guests or around to celebrate an important milestone event!

How would you like to bring in Shabbat in a truly unique experience? A “pop-up” Shabbat service is an informal gathering of people who come together to celebrate Shabbat in a non-traditional setting, such as a private home, venue, at a park, or even by the beach! It’s a more casual and accessible way to experience Shabbat, outside of the typical synagogue setting. The idea is to create an inclusive and welcoming environment where people can connect with their Jewish roots, celebrate together, and feel a sense of community.


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