Honouring my grandfather

Guidance along our life's journey

When Yossi was the Rabbi of Maroubra Synagogue, my Grandfather would attend his services as frequently as he could. I would accompany him for some shabbat and holiday services and Yossi always greeted us with such warmth and kindness that it felt like returning home to me.

One Sukkot evening, Yossi invited the congregation to have a meal in his family’s Sukkah. My grandfather and I decided to attend and it was a special moment in our lives. There was delicious food, joyous singing and inspirational words shared by everyone there. My grandfather – well into his 90s at the time – was doted upon by all those present and was made to feel very special. He shared a personal story with the guests and this impacted him in a huge way. He has since passed away but this evening is one that I will never forget and I will be forever grateful. 

When my grandfather passed, we could imagine no one other than Yossi to lead the funeral service and Minyan.

When that dreaded day came and my grandfather passed, I called Yossi straight away. He was wonderfully supportive of our family over the mourning period and beyond, in so many ways that I couldn’t possibly describe them all. Throughout the funeral and the day itself, Yossi led us through spiritual moments, moments of reflection and moments of happy reminiscence – a perfect mix for honouring my Grandfather’s memory. Yossi’s beautiful singing voice also contributed greatly to the sombre yet moving energy of the service as he led and sang many of the prayers.

It is in these difficult moments that a genuine and caring friend and mentor can make all the difference. Thank you Yossi!

Bradley Benson

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