Our Special Day

The most magical day!

We cannot recommend “Rabbi on Demand” enough. Rabbi Yossi was the Rabbi for our wedding and made the whole experience so fulfilling and special for us. Yossi was so amazingly engaging in teaching us about the traditions and spirituality of Jewish weddings, and he was immensely flexible – even running sessions with us via Zoom calls in the evening while we were based in London.

Our wedding day in Sydney was absolutely perfect, and that is because Yossi made it that way. All our guests were enamoured with him and how he ran the Chuppah.

One particularly special memory of the wedding day that will always live with me

I will always remember how he oversaw the Tish right before the Chuppah with my family and the groomsmen. Yossi’s warmth and grace towards everyone really encouraged those closest to me to open up and share personal stories about their love towards me, which left me feeling overcome with positive emotion before the Bedeken and Chuppah even began.

Everything from that point onwards was so immensely wonderful, and I am sure it wouldn’t have been as special if it wasn’t for Yossi’s personal touch and the warmth he emanated unto everyone.

Louise and Judd

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